Whether you’re looking for a quant tag to complete your cat’s glorious look or need to order dog tags online for your pooch or pup, use our step-by-step guide to find a secure, stylish dog id tag that suits your requirements.

Step 1:

Please Take some time to browse through our extensive range of pet id tags online– 


Step 2:

Choose the pet id tag design that takes your fancy.


Step 3:

Choose the right size tag for your pet!


Step 4:

Add your engraving details, where applicable.


While it is your choice when it comes to the information you would like to include on your dog id tag, the Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that pet ID tags should include the legal owner's name and current address. It's also highly recommended that you place at least one phone number engraved also, to ensure the safe and speedy return of your dog. The Kennel Club recommend not including your dog's name on their id tag.


Please note: All dogs are now required to be microchipped by law.


Please only use letters and numbers and avoid using any extra spaces or unnecessary punctuation. All text will be centred but in some browsers this may not display correctly.  The more characters and spaces you use, the smaller the engraving text will be; therefore, we may change at our discretion the layout of your requested engraving or we may even abbreviate it in some way so as to make the text fit the available space. 

Step 5:

Review your order details for your new pet tag before confirming your order.



Step 6:

Submit to us your order! We will then send you an order confirmation email; please check this to ensure the delivery and that your engraving details are correct.