Tags for dogs and cats deeply engraved ID tags with 24 hr postage.


Losing a furry friend is every pet owner's nightmare - so don't let it happen to you. We sell tags for dogs and cats and with an engraved pet tag, you can keep your contact details with your dog or cat at all times. That means that when some kind person finds your beloved pet, they'll be able to get in touch easily, and you'll be reunited within no time.

Our tags for dogs and cats and pet dog ID tags are high quality, with deeply engraved text to ensure that it doesn't wear away over time, even if you've got an active dog who loves running around outdoors. Choose from a variety of different tags for dogs and all types of pet ID tags. Classic chrome, nickel or brass pet tags are available in circle or fun bone shapes, but you can choose fashion-forward Tags for dogs if you want some bling on your pooch. There are plenty of colours of glittery design on offer, for something special and different. Be sure to choose the right size of cat or dog tags, to avoid irritating your pet.

Our engraved pet tags for dogs and cats come to you with our next day delivery service. Just choose the information you want to be included on your tag, and we'll get it sent to you right away, so you can clip it straight onto your pet's collar and enjoy more peace of mind. It's a good idea to include your phone number and address, as well as a note indicating that your pet has been microchipped.

It may seem more natural to order pet ID tags for a dog, but if you have a cat with access to the outdoors, it's important to get a pet tag for them, too. Never forget that cats can roam around, and often end up far from home. With your phone number and address around your feline's neck, it will be much easier for your cat to be returned to you if the poor thing does end up getting lost.

Whether you've got a dog or a cat, engraved pet tags are one of the most powerful tools that any owner can have. Our high-quality products will stay in place and remain easy to read even after years of wear. Help your lost pet to be found again, and order your pet ID tags today.

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